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Welcome to, where all your social media content is brought together on a single page

Our platform allows you to get all your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram posts on a single, beautiful page, named after you: MyPage.Is/YourName

How it works

1 Create your page

A quick and easy process that takes under a minute. All you have to do is pick a page name, set your login information and add some optional personal details (or not)

2 Connect your social media accounts

This is where the magic happens. Just add the social media accounts you want your page to sync with, and your posts will start flowing in.

Connect your social media accounts

3 Relax and watch your page build itself

Nothing much else to do, really. Your page is now synced with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube account, and your posts are coming in.

Relax and watch your page build itself

Cool Features

We don’t just fetch your content, we do amazing things with it.

For the first time, you'll be able to access unified statistics across all your social media accounts, as well as global search and filtering options.

We've also built in an easy backup feature and an awesome “About me” page that will help you tell the story of the person behind the posts.

Sounds good? Give it a try!

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